Joseph Roth AMTA Member Guide to Emerging Health Care Opportunities

10/29/2014 15:42

The health care system in the U.S. is going through dynamic changes, and as a result, a variety of opportunities exist for massage therapists to get involved—now and in the future. As these unique arrangements grow, this guide is meant to provide AMTA members with new information to navigate this avenue for those who want to expand their practices or want to know more about emerging health care models.

Over the past several years, the United States has been engaged in an active debate About health care. The federal government’s enactment of the Affordable Care Act is one result of this process, to which numerous state governments have responded with Efforts to improve the health care systems in their states. These concepts of health Delivery reform pre-date the 2010 passage of the Affordable Care Act, but the new law has created momentum for the development and implementation of integrated care models. In integrated care, health professionals and institutions work together to share information and coordinate care across multiple settings.

Health care systems are experimenting with a variety of models, which will continue to Evolve for many years. These models attempt to improve the health care delivery system, With the goal of achieving the “Triple Aim” of better health care, better patient outcomes, And lower overall costs. Many massage therapists are already partners in these models, demonstrating how our Profession can function within team-based care models to deliver better patient results. Massage therapy has been growing rapidly in health care environments in recent years, as the health care community at large and consumers learn more about the benefits of massage. Nearly three quarters of all massage therapists report receiving referrals from other health care providers and more than a quarter works specifically in health care Settings.

This guide is meant to be a practical tool for AMTA members to begin their own exploration of evolving opportunities. And, it provides a self-evaluation to help you decide if these opportunities are a good fit for you and for your practice. For a detailed look at the therapeutic value of massage therapy, a vision for its opportunities within health care models, and the cost effectiveness of massage as a therapeutic option, we encourage you to read The Value & Efficacy of Massage Therapy in Integrated Health Care and share it with prospective health care partners. To know more about Joseph Roth AMTA and Joe Roth AMTA please visit here: -